Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how your information is handled by Pinecast.

By using Pinecast or any of its services you consent to the use of your personal information as described in this document. Except where noted, your personal information will not be used for any other purpose without your consent.

What we collect

Your email

Pinecast may collect your email address in order to create an account, leave feedback on a podcast, or leave a tip. If you are leaving feedback or a tip, your email address will be shared with the owner of the podcast. If you collaborate with other users on Pinecast, your email address may be shared with those users. A podcast owner's email address is provided in RSS feeds to allow podcasting services and directories to function correctly.

Information you give us

You may provide us with information, like a Slack webhook URL, to enable a Pinecast feature. This information is not shared unless explicitly stated.

If you send a message to Pinecast, such as through our support channels or through a "Report a problem" form, we may store that message and general information about the state of the page that you're currently on.

Financial data

Pinecast collects credit card information to charge customers for paid subscriptions and to charge listeners for tips. This data never passes through Pinecast servers; it is transmitted directly from your browser to Stripe, our payment processor. Because Pinecast never has access to payment card information, the information cannot be transmitted to any other third party.

Pinecast does have access to less private information, like the name of a credit card holder or the last few digits of a bank account number. This information may be displayed on your Pinecast dashboard to clarify billing information, but it is never cached or stored in a Pinecast-controlled database. Any information is requested from Stripe as needed.

If you opt-in to setting up a tip jar, we may request personal information from you to satisfy the requirements of our payments processor. This may include your name, birthdate, address, government issued ID number, and more. We will also collect bank account or debit card information. This information is sent directly to Stripe from your browser and never passes through Pinecast servers.

You can read more about Stripe's practices here:

Information about your browser

We use data that your web browser (or other user agent) makes available to us in order to provide you with a better experience. This may include information about which timezone you're located in, your IP address, or which operating system you use. We use this data to improve Pinecast and your user experience. Some data may be used to provide podcast owners with anonymous aggregate information about who accesses or listens to their podcasts.

Your computer's IP address may be processed to determine your rough location.

How you use Pinecast

Pinecast will track how you use the service. This includes things like which pages you visit, the actions you perform on those pages, and any errors you may encounter. This information is used to improve Pinecast.

Pinecast will use a cookie to allow you to remain logged in.

Pinecast allows its users to add Google Analytics to their websites (hosted at * or a non-Pinecast domain name). Google Analytics is only available on sites that explicitly enable it. Only Google and the site owner has access to the data collected.

Pinecast does not track your behavior outside of the Pinecast ecosystem. We do not purchase behavior information from third parties.

If you interact with Pinecast emails or other communication, a record of your interaction may be logged.

Imported podcasts

If you use Pinecast's import tool, Pinecast will download information from the feed you provide us in order to copy that information to our servers. Pinecast keeps records of all imported files, including the original feed and audio file URLs. This information is used to improve Pinecast and is not shared with third parties.

Information about children younger than 13 years old

In accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, Pinecast will never knowingly collect information about any person that we believe to be younger than thirteen years old.

Listener and subscriber privacy

Information about podcast listeners and subscribers is saved to provide analytics for podcast owners. If you listen to a Pinecast podcast or visit a podcast short link, a fingerprint (cryptographically hashed version) of your IP address, user agent string, and other metadata sent by your browser may be recorded and stored indefinitely. This information is not available to podcast owners in its raw form and can only be accessed in aggregate.

How your information is used

Pinecast will never sell or trade your information with any third party without your direct consent.

Pinecast will share information with third parties if we have a good-faith belief that access, use, preservation, or disclosure of the information is reasonably necessary to:

How information is protected

Communications from Pinecast

You may opt out of all non-essential communication with Pinecast. Some messages, such as notifications about events related to your account, cannot be opted-out of.

If you request that Pinecast contact you through an alternative channel, such as Twitter, we may send you messages at your request.

Your account may have opt-in to alerts or notifications through other mediums, such as Slack or web hooks. These communications are logged in order to avoid sending duplicate messages. You may opt-out of these notifications at any time through the interface that you used to configure them.

Links and embedding

Pinecast contains links to third parties that we do not control. Content on Pinecast may also be embedded in third party services or websites. Pinecast does not endorse any third party service or website, and take no responsibility or position on their actions.

Removing your information from Pinecast

Removing financial information

Some information cannot be removed from Pinecast, such as tip jar information. This is in order to comply with regulations which require information collected to facilitate money movement to be stored for a minimum amount of time. Pinecast can close your account(s) with Stripe, but information may be retained until regulations no longer apply.

Removing content

You may choose to delete a Pinecast podcast at any time. Assets like audio files and image files may not be deleted from their URLs immediately.

Deleting your account

You may contact Pinecast to have your account deleted. Some information about your account and podcasts may be retained for compliance purposes.