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Creating your podcast

Getting started with your first podcast is easy, and you can do it for free without committing to a paid Pinecast subscription. This is the first step to setting up your show.

Step 1: Create the show

After signing up, click the button on your main dashboard to set up a podcast. We'll ask you how you'd like to begin: choose "start from scratch" to start a new show.

A screenshot of the "New podcast" page on the Pinecast dashboard, with the "Start from scratch" option selected.

We'll ask you for some information:

When you're finished, click "Save and continue." This will create your show.

Step 2: Upload your first episode

Once your show exists, you need to add content. This is your first episode. At least one episode is needed in order to submit your show for distribution: without an episode, your feed is invalid and will be rejected. Click the "New Episode" button on your show's dashboard.

A screenshot of the "New episode" page for a podcast.

For your first episode, you may choose to upload a short trailer instead of your full episode. That'll give you some time to prepare a full episode while you get the ball rolling on distribution. We'll ask you for some information:

When you're finished, click "Save episode." This will create your episode.

Step 3: Set up distribution

Once your first episode is live in your feed, visit the Distribution tab. This tab is where you'll be able to get your show onto podcast apps. If your feed isn't ready, this tab will let you know why.

You can see more about this tab on our Distribution page.

Some podcast apps and directories offer one-click submission: simply flip the switch below the directory's name. Others will require a bit more effort: expand the "submission instructions" section for each directory and follow the directions for getting set up.

After following the instructions, there may be an option to link Pinecast to your listing. This makes Pinecast aware of the listing on the directory, and unlocks features like podcast review monitoring and entries on our short links.

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