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Import your podcast to Pinecast

Moving your show to Pinecast takes only a few minutes.

Step 1: Upgrade your account

After signing up, click the Upgrade button at the top of the page. You'll be able to choose a plan and proceed to the checkout. Our import tool is available to all paid customers.

Step 2: Import your show

Click the button on your dashboard to set up a podcast. On the new podcast page, choose the "import from elsewhere" option.

A screenshot of the "New podcast" page with the "import from elsewhere" option selected.

Provide your RSS feed or the URL of your show on Apple Podcasts or iTunes. We'll pull in the information about your show: simply confirm the details and click the button to proceed.

Once the import starts, it'll take a few minutes to copy your show's assets over. We'll show progress as it completes.

Step 3: Set up a feed redirect

After importing, we'll link you to our support website with instructions for setting up a feed redirect. If you miss the link, we'll send it to you in an email. Follow the instructions provided to set up a redirect from your old podcast host to your new Pinecast RSS feed. You can find the feed URL for your show on your podcast dashboard's Overview tab.

Step 4: Link your listings

After the redirect has been active for 36 hours, visit the Distribution tab. Click the buttons to link relevant directories (Apple Podcast, Stitcher, etc.). You don't need to resubmit your show manually if you'd submitted it with your old host.

Flip the switches for podcast directories that you're either already listed on or would like to be listed on. If you're already listed, just be sure you've waited at least 36 hours before completing this step. Flipping these switches will link Pinecast to your directory listings.

And that's it! Your show is fully moved to Pinecast.

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