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Submit your show to Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify. Track growth with our IAB-compliant analytics.

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Accept tips

Our tip jar lets you accept tips from your listeners, transferred to a debit card or bank account.

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Tags and art on the first try

We'll make sure your podcast's artwork and audio work in all podcast apps and on all directories, with full metadata.

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Pinecast has given me all the tools I need to thrive, while ensuring I'm never concerned about storage, length, size or volume.
Never Sleeps Network Customer since Feb 2017

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World-class analytics

Pinecast provides IAB-compliant analytics with simple charts and clean controls. Routine audits guarantee the highest possible accuracy for both listen and subscriber data.

  • Listen history
  • Subscriber counts
  • Listens by app
  • CSV export
  • Near-realtime
  • Spotify listens

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Move your existing show to Pinecast

With just your show's previous RSS feed or iTunes URL, we'll copy your content to Pinecast. The whole process takes just a couple minutes.

After importing, we'll send instructions for a feed redirect, which will automatically move your subscribers and directory listings to Pinecast.

Embeddable players

Embed your episodes anywhere you can use HTML. Five themes included.

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Tip Jar

Accept one-time or recurring donations, with no convenience fee.

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Podcast website

Add a website to your show: auto-updated, responsive, SEO-optimized, and customizable with our site builder tool.

Automatic fixups

Forget an ID3 tag? Artwork too small? Using the wrong DPI? We can fix it for you with a single click.

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Super easy interface, great support, amazing value.
I'll Be Back Catalog Podcast Customer since Jun 2017
Switching to Pinecast was the best decision I've made for my podcasts … I can't recommend it enough.
Movie Go Round Podcast Customer since Mar 2018
Pinecast has been a wonderful tool that has allowed me to focus on the content of my podcast.
Clarity Podcast Customer since Dec 2017
This is the perfect place to host your podcast, especially if you are just starting out.
Girls! Girls! Girls! Podcast Customer since Feb 2018
I needed Pinecast customer service help at roughly 2:30 AM on a Sunday AM. Got the help I needed … Pinecast is amazing.
Digging Dexter Podcast Customer since Feb 2018
It lets us run a high quality show without feeling like our creativity is limited by our file host.
Bigfoot and Bob Podcast Customer since Mar 2018

Pinecast works with all
podcasting apps and directories.

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