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Monetize your podcast

Making a bit of cash from your podcast is always nice, but it can become a significant source of passive (or even active!) income. Pinecast has a fully-integrated tip jar, which allows your listeners to send you tips using any credit or debit card. You'll be paid out automatically, directly to your bank account or debit card. For paid customers, we don't take a cut of any of the tips.

Getting set up with the tip jar

From your main dashboard, choose the Settings > Tip Jar tab and follow the instructions. You can also choose "Tip jar" on the sidebar of any podcast dashboard and select the option to set your tip jar up.

Getting started involves providing us with payout information (bank details or debit card information) and some personal information to verify your identity. PII is collected through Stripe, our payment processor, and is securely stored on their servers. Once you've provided the requested information, you'll be able to start accepting payments immediately: you'll see a link to your tip jar on the Tip Jar tab of each podcast dashboard.

A screenshot of the Tip Jar tab of a podcast dashboard, showing $945 in total tips, and requiring additional information to keep payouts enabled.

Accepting tips

By default, we'll accept one-off and recurring tips on your behalf. For USD accounts, tips can range from $1 to $50 (amounts vary by currency). You can customize messaging before and after a donation is made, and add a thank you message to the email sent after a tip is made.

Getting users into your tip jar is easy. Our short links automatically link up your tip jar. You can share the URL manually, or link to it from your website or social media. And best of all, you'll find a checkbox to have it automatically added to the show notes of each episode (and we'll remember your choice when you go to upload your next episode).

A screenshot of a tip jar, reading "Support The Aquarium Guys; Access the show's private podcast episodes with a recurring donation". A paragraph of text from the podcaster precedes six radio buttons for varying tip amounts, followed by the option to make a one-off tip or a monthly contribution (labeled with "private episode access").

When a listener sends you a tip, you'll receive an email and see details of the tip on your podcast dashboard. Tips are held in reserve for seven days and paid out on the following Friday.

Premium content

When you create an episode, you can mark it as private (or, with our Growth add-on, private until a certain date). Recurring tippers will get a special dashboard where they can access your show's private episodes.

A screenshot of a recurring tip dashboard. It shows information about the subscription and payment method. There are two tabs: "Listen to the show" and "Receipts". The former is selected, and displays a special RSS feed unique to the subscriber and a list of episodes to listen in the browser.

Subscriptions are managed completely automatically. Each subscriber gets a unique feed that they can add to their podcast app. If their subscription lapses, the feed becomes disabled automatically. They can also listen in their browser, and this access is also managed automatically.

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