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Promoting your podcast to new listeners

Once your podcast is up and running, it's often unclear how to get more folks listening to your podcast. There's a lot of advice out there, and if often comes with mixed success. Here's what we've seen working (and not working!); hopefully you can draw some inspiration and ideas from it.

Places to promote your podcast

First and foremost, make sure you're getting the low-hanging fruit of podcast promotion:

Find niches

Engaging with other podcasts that are relevant to your own is a great way to build listenership. Appearing on other podcasts and hosting guests from other shows will help cross-pollinate your content.

Subscriber growth is built around your podcast community: marketing your show is a function of finding people who would otherwise be interested and attracting them to your content. They might be attracted because the content is relevant to them, or because they've heard a bit of your episode and want to hear more.

What NOT to do

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