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Promoting Your Podcast

It's often unclear how to get more folks listening to your podcast. There's a lot of advice out there, and if often comes with mixed success.

These are some tips that we've seen work in practice.

Places to promote your podcast

There are plenty of places that you'll have great success marketing your show—and in fact, you may not need to go beyond this.

Tap social media

First, start social media groups for your show. Facebook groups or other places for your listeners to gather are a great way for folks to stay engaged. Post new episodes to these places to keep listeners engaged and reach their networks.

If you have a fair number of followers online, be sure to post your episodes to relevant social media sites: Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram could be great ways to drive listenership.

Use our Short Links feature to post your content to social media. Short links are optimized for social media previews, and are designed to drive folks to subscribe (rather than just check out a single episode).

Find relevant communities

Post your podcast and exciting episodes to preexisting communities online, like subreddits. Be sure to observe the rules of each community that you post in, and don't spam your content. Choose places that have an audience that are likely to enjoy your show.

Think outside the box: podcasts relevant to places might find communities on sites like NextDoor. Some communities meet in person: if your podcast is about popular topics, you might find folks to share to and network with at meetups.

Find podcast friends

Engaging with other podcasts that are relevant to your own is a great way to build listenership. Appearing on other podcasts and hosting guests from other shows will help cross-pollinate your content.

For some kinds of podcasts, reaching out to shows of a similar size can be useful. Folks who play games (e.g., D&D and role playing), talk about community news (e.g., video games or pop culture) are often open to collaborating.

Subscriber growth is built around your podcast community: marketing your show is a function of finding people who would otherwise be interested and attracting them to your content. They might be attracted because the content is relevant to them, or because they've heard a bit of your episode and want to hear more.

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